Art Journaling

Hi All, I just wanted to share  a new project I have been working on, over the past few weeks. Its Called ICAD, and it stands for “Index Card A Day” . Basically what you do is create something, anything, on an index card, and you do it every day for 60 days.  You can find more info here at: I will share a few photos of some of the fun things I have created since I started!  This isn’t everything, just a random sampling of what I have done to date!  I hope you can join us!!


Just wanted to give a shout out to some of the people that have shared their inspiration .  A HUGE shout out to Karen Burchill. A few of the pages here are from her Try it Tuesday prompt stick challenges and her Back to Basic Series. You can Follow Karen on her you tube channel here:

And her FB group, All things mixed media: Creative Kady:

Also, a big shout out to Mike Deakin, he is the mastermind behind the Mission: Inspiration,  challenge I love so much.  Here is he link to his you tube channel:  and his FB group is here:

Shannon Green has a separate shout out on my En Masse page!!



Just a few pictures of things I have attempted.