SUE-PC - WIN_20141019_104155HI All!!!  Welcome to my Blog Site. The title says it all. I AM the Not So Crafty Crafter!!

I live in Iowa, and am a mom to two boys, one with special needs, so needless to say, my life can be hectic.  As a New Years resolution, I decided I needed to do something to help me relax a bit more, reduce stress, you know the deal.  Soooooo I decided to jump into the world of Arts and Crafts!  Anyone that knows me well knows this is completely unchartered territory for me.  In the past I have made attempts at being “crafty”. I still get jokes from my spouse, 21 years later,  about an attempt I made at stenciling!!  Sewing machines have come into my possession, only to be given away when hubby wasn’t looking.  In all fairness, he has tried to get me to start a hobby, I just wasn’t receptive at the time. I’m not sure how, why or when that all changed, but I am jumping in with both feet! And…I am going to share it ALL with you!!!  I started out by jumping on the Adult Coloring book bandwagon.  From there I was enticed with Art Journaling, and now I am dabbling in card making.  I will post pictures soon of some of the things I have been playing around with.  I am by no means claiming to be an Artist, just someone playing with some great supplies and having a blast doing it!  Not sure I can even teach you all anything, but I do hope I can motivate a few of you to try something new, or different! Hope you enjoy the ride.


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