Hello Again!

Hi there, I’ve missed you all so much. I apologize for my absence. Work has been hectic, my hubby seems to travel all the time now, so I have more on my plate as far as taking care of things around the house. We’ve been dealing with the loss of a family member, its just been a chaotic, rushed fall season!!  But I am back, and I want to jump right back in!!  I have started a new “youtube” series specifically for new card makers. This series will show case some of the things that I use, and have found useful in my card making endeavors. These are in no way comparable to some of the “My Favorite Things” Videos you see at the end of each year from the most popular youtubers. This is my list of things I have been using as a newbie crafter. Things that I find work for me, and my budget! I am going to try to cover the basics, and maybe a few fun extras toward the end. I have all ready up loaded three videos for your viewing enjoyment! I hope you find them helpful.

I did post links to some of the items you see in each video. Some things I just couldn’t find online, but I was able to post links (some are Affiliate links) to the more popular items you see in these videos.  These affiliate links are available for you to use at NO COST TO YOU, they just help me be able to bring you videos using the most popular, readily available, and up to date products!!  Thanks for stopping by!!  I hope to see you all again soon!!




It’s Been a year this week since I’ve done anything with my blog!!

WOW..I had no idea that it’s been this long!!?? I’ve had a lot going on.   We’ve moved, so I’ve been working on getting a crafty space set up so I can do some fun stuff. We’ve had some family stuff to deal with, and then add work into the mix and you have super busy days to deal with, and not much time for anything else!!  I have been focusing more on my youtube channel, and trying to share things there, so you might want to check that out for more current updates on what I’m doing!! https://www.youtube.com/c/SusanHumphreysAnotsocraftycrafter

I do promise, I am going to be spending more time here, updating and adding new things on a more regular basis, so stick around!!

Have a great week, all

Sue, your “Not so crafty crafter”


Hello!!!! I apologize for my long absence.   Lots has happened since my last post!!  Back in November, My oldest son Got married. Immediately following my husband and I decided to move, so that’s been an undertaking. Then In Jan. my oldest left for his Military Training. He’s joined the Air Force and we couldn’t be prouder of him! It seems like I am finally starting to catch my breath a bit, and I will have some free time to start blogging all about my crafty endeavors! In the mean time, I have added a new page to this blog called “Stampin Stuff” go check it out, as I posted an exciting  announcement  There will be some exciting stuff coming soon, and I want to share it with you all!

Scrapbook.com Sizzix Giveaway!!

So, I know its been a few days since I have posted anything here, life has been B-U-S-Y!!

Today is no exception. I am home with a sick child today, but I figured while he is upstairs sleeping, I would check out a few websites. I have been considering which tools to invest in for my card making and paper crafting endeavors. Lots to consider, and I am really leaning towards a Sizzix Big Shot.  So imagine my surprise when, while looking through a few websites for a couple of storage items, I stumble across this great GIVE AWAY!!  Scrapbook.com is having a HUGE giveaway for a Sizzix big shot. Here is the link with ALL the details:  www.https://gleam.io/crlHz/sizzix-2500-5-winner-ultimate-giveaway.  I am new to scrapbook.com, but it looks like a great site, it has a few of the very specific items I was looking for when I headed to the site, so I will be shopping here, and grabbing these items soon!  Join me in the great give away.

A New Passion

Hi, and welcome! Today I am just going to post a lil tidbit to say hello. It’s Easter Sunday here in the States and I hope all are enjoying this ever so Blessed day with family and loved ones.  I am sharing a picture of this Easter card I made this morning.  You can clearly see its a tad rough. As I stated this is a new endeavor for me, and I am learning as I go.  I am so looking forward to sharing some of the fun new things I am trying, warts and all.  I Will post more in a day or so.  Happy Crafting!easter card